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WLC Weigh-In…Week 4

I have had a MASSIVE sweet tooth this week and have officially depleted my supply of individual chocolates that I keep in the freezer….even though they are small, they aren’t low fat!  But man oh man are they good!  I had many many moments where the brilliant idea to bake cookies or brownies popped up, but thankfully I kept myself from making any deliciously tempting snacks!  I do have to make the sweet treats for even bible study this week, but I plan to make a batch of box brownies thursday afternoon so that there won’t be much time for me to “test” them out!  Anyway, I am really glad that I stuck to the plan (except those few chocolates, right?), because I know that those few moments of yumminess would comprise my satisfaction at weigh-in this morning!

This week I managed to lose 2.2 pounds!  This will probably be the last of my significant loss weeks, but you never know, right?!?!  Last time I stuck to core, I lost a good 2 pounds every week!  If I can keep that up I will reach goal WAY before “deadline”!

Yay for healthy eating and the pay offs that come with it!

  Week 1- Down 4.6 lbs – 21% of mini goal #1

Week 2-Down 6.6 lbs total – 30% of mini goal #1

Week 3- Down 9.8 lbs total -45% of mini goal #1

Week 4- Down 12 lbs total – 56% of mini goal #1


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Menu Planning Monday

So our September grocery money is all gone and I wont be getting to the bank until Thursday of this week, so I have decided to do another pantry/freezer week!  It is a fun way to use up some of the odds and ends and gives me a good reason to take “inventory” of what I have got in the freezer and pantry!

Monday: Chili from the freezer for Mark and I get to meet my old roommate for happy hour….yay!

Tuesday: Leftover Vegetable Chili with Brown Rice

Wednesday: Black Beans and Brown Rice

Thursday: Chicken Helper and Corn

Friday: Frozen Pizza

Saturday: Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas

Sunday: Leftovers and/or Soup

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I just got back from Albertsons and man oh man was it a good deal!  Here is all my loot….I ended up paying $5.11 OOP, and should receive a $10 rebate, making this purchase a $4.89 money maker!

September 25 002

Here’s the Breakdown:

  • 6 Frosted Mini Wheats (assorted varieties): $15-$6 cpns (3 x $2/2)=$9
  • 2 Keebler Cookies: $5 – $1/2 cpn -$1 dbl = $3
  • 2 Special K Crackers: $5 – $2 cpns (2 x $1/1) – $2 dbls = $1
  • 2 Snickers Bars:$1.00 – 2 “Free Mars Bar” cpns from “Free Chocolate Fridays” (I had two that we about to expire so I went ahead and used them up so that they wouldn’t go to waste)= FREE!
  • 1 Doz eggs= $1.49
  • 3 2-Liters Coke Zero (not pictured) = $2.52

= $17.01- $1.90 Bottle Returns – $10 (instant savings for purchasing 10 kelloggs/keebler products) = $5.11 OOP

Although it takes a long time to receive a rebate with these kinds of things, it is really worth it!  Since I couponed, this deal is already GREAT without a rebate and now when I receive my check in a couple of months, I will have $10 extra to include in my food budget….considering that it will fall right around the holidays, I am sure I will be able to put it to good use!

Also, I know that frosted mini wheats and keebler cookies aren’t exactly the most healthful of snacks, but Mark loves the cookies and I have portioned them out and put many of them in the freezer so that he can’t OD on them!  And there are WAY WORSE cereals than frosted mini wheats and while looking at the boxes I learned that Kelloggs has gone whole grain with many of their products and most have added fiber now!  It looks like everyone is paying more attention to health these days!

Yes, couponing takes some time and energy…..I don’t deny that….and it is definitely not for everyone, but it is working for us!  I don’t know what I will do once we have kids, because it kills me to pay more than a quarter for crackers and cereal anymore!  I don’t think I will find deals like that without my dear dear coupons!

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I Love My Life!

So…things are going so great right now that I can’t help but be smiling just about every second!  Nothing has changed….but I feel like my life if just so blessed!  Work is AMAZING!  I love each and every day more than the one before!  It feels so great to be working and, even though sometimes my patience it truly tested, I love these children more than I can even explain!  I am blessed with a fun, smart, and experienced co-worker and we make a great pair!  My boss is the most kind and patient person I have met in a long time and she has a heart like no other!  I feel like a teacher…..these kids look to me for answers and I get to tell them about their Lord and Savior and they listen like no adult ever could!  I truly understand Matthew 19:14:

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Aside from that I am really excited about both bible studies that I am doing this fall….the first is a study on parenting….I have really been praying that the Lord will keep me content during this class and that I will not go into one of my “I wish I was pregnant” modes…I think this class is going to be fantastic and I am really excited to learn more about biblical parenting!  The other is a study of Psalms which I am CERTAIN will be fantastic! 

Most of all I  LOVE LOVE LOVE AWANA!  It is the most amazing program that I have ever been a part of and I cannot say that I have ever been so excited about something!  I have the most amazing 2 hours every wednesday night and I love spending time with my kiddos!  I get to be a cheerleader again during game time and I get to be a friend and mentor to some beautiful children!  It amazes me just how many bible verses these first graders know by heart!  They put me to shame!  I want my children to be armed with the sword of the scripture and I cant wait until I have my own that can be a part of this program! 

Also, Mark found out last week that his normal pay will be reinstated the second week of October (they had a small paycut starting this past March).  Although it is just a teeny amount, it is a few extra dollars each month!  Also, now that i am working, some of our financial burden is being lifted and we might actually be able to start paying down some loans a little more quickly! 

Mark has been working on consolidating some of his student loans which is going to save us about 350/month once he does both his private and federal loans!  I am learning to be really content with what we have which is a big step for me!  Most of you know, I am an “I want it and I want it now” kinda girl!  How ugly is that?!?!?!  I can’t believe that I had that kind of ugly attitude for the first 22 years of my life!  I owe apologies to my husband and to my parents who suffered through that!  I remember the days when we ate out 4 times a week!  Can you imagine??!?!?!?!  What a waste of our money!  I am so glad that I didn’t have to hit 30 to realize that the things of this world won’t make me any happier!  I know too too many people who live life competing for better homes, cars, clothes, and other JUNK!  I have been blessed with so much and I am so thankful that our sweet Lord is teaching me to be a better steward of what I have been given! 

This morning, I slept in until 8:30 and Mark actually woke me up!  That just about never happens!  Anyway, I went down to pack his lunch and get his breakfast ready while he took a shower.  When he came down he sat at the table while I worked on a puzzle I started a couple of days ago.  I just looked over and said “maybe you should stay home today” and he thought for a min or so and then called up his boss and asked for the day off.  So now I am blogging and doing some laundry while he has some video game time and then we are gonna have lunch together and either go to OMSI or the Zoo before tonight’s bible study (for me) and choir practice (for mark).  So now my day is truly perfect because I get to spend it with my husband! 

So, my life is good!  Don’t get me wrong, it has ALWAYS been good!  But right now I am on one of the many peaks when I feel like no one can touch me!  I know there is one out there who is scheming to bring me down, but I have been given everything that I need to fight against that evil and I have every tool to win!  Praise God for his strength, power, and glory!

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My Classroom

I FINALLY remembered to take a picture of my classroom on Friday and I am FINALLY remembering to put it up on the blog! 

Sept. 20, 2009 001

I was blessed to have one of the biggest classrooms in the preschool wing, which gives me lots of storage room as well as room for my kiddos to move around!  Of course having plenty of room to move around also means that they DO MOVE AROUND…even when they aren’t supposed to be doing so! 

Oh well…three year olds will be three year olds!

I will be back to post more during the day, but my tummy is growling and I need to go get some breakfast!

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WLC Weigh-In…Week 3

As I mentioned in last weeks post, I have been basically too busy to snack during the days and sometimes too busy to eat more than some fruit and veggies around lunch time, and what can I say?….It paid off!  This week I lost 3.2 pounds!  That means I have lost 9.8 lbs total!  I really really wanted to go out to eat this weekend, but now I am super glad that we just stuck to the plan and ate a nice healthy dinner!   With eight weeks left until my “deadline”, I need to lose about 1.5 pounds/week.  With my significant loses on week 1 and week 3, I am a little ahead which means my goal becoming more realistic!  YAY!!

I hope everyone has a great week and tries some super yummy and healthy meals out!  It pays to eat good!

 Week 1- Down 4.6 lbs – 21% of mini goal #1

Week 2-Down 6.6 lbs total – 30% of mini goal #1

Week 3- Down 9.8 lbs total -45% of mini goal #1

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Menu Planning Monday

I can’t believe it is monday again!  Time is just flying by lately!  All our church activities are starting up this week so we are going to try to eat primarily from the panty and freezer this week and hopefully I can just make one trip to WinCo for a few things and just skip the rest of the shopping….of course I always plan that and then there is some amazing coupon deal,  so no promises I guess!

Monday: Macaroni and Cheese and Peas (Mark is playing ultimate frisbee so I am on my own….and I love my mac and cheese!)

Tuesday: Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers (I stuck a few in the freezer a few weeks ago after Mary sent us home with a dish full….they were super yummy the first time….hopefully I can figure out how to reheat them without ruining them!)

Thursday: Baked Potatoes (I will try to get together my “recipe” for my twice baked/stuffed potatoes that are stuffed with cheese and broccoli and mashed potato….they are SO YUMMY!)

Friday: Cashew Chicken and Rice (New Recipe…I’ll post it if it turns out good!)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Black and White Bean Chili (I froze lots the last time I made it and now I have plenty for a quick meal!)

So it wont be a super exciting week at the dinner table, but at least I will go into the final week of Sept with a few dollars left from our grocery budget ($100/month was definitely tough this month, but I think it will get easier as time goes on!)

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